The Hunt for the Best Almond Croissant – and where you can find them

If you have every traveled with me, you know that I consider myself an almond croissant snob with a slight obsession. And by slight, I mean I literally salivate thinking about them.

What makes a good almond croissant, you ask?? IT IS ALL IN THE ALMOND PASTE, MY FRIENDS.

Finding the best almond croissant became part of my travel bucket list in each place I went to when I was studying abroad in Spring 2017. Everywhere I go, I try at least one from a café while I am there. It’s a survey of sorts, so I obviously need to give every country a fair shot at winning.

To date, I have found three places that win the gold, silver and bronze medals for best almond croissant. If you ever go to these places, please buy one and send me a picture of you eating it so I can see your life be changed in a photo.

The funny part about all of this is that these were all discovered in my 2019 travels, so maybe I will deem 2019 as “The Year of the Almond Croissant,” instead of other names I usually calling it (such as This Year Sucks Dog Balls, and other profanities – but that is for another time).

So here we go…

The Three Best Almond Croissants on Earth that I Have Tasted (so far):

Gold Medal: Cotidiano – Munich, Germany

Holy Jesus, Mary & Joseph. This. Croissant. Is. A. Masterpiece.

This croissant was flaky and warm, with almond paste spread to every corner of the inside of the croissant (this is essential to a great almond croissant). It was a photogenic, puffy piece of perfection.

So here is the story.

We were in Munich getting ready to go to Spring Fest, so Bill and I decided to go out for brunch to attempt to slow down how quickly we were about to be housed from all the liters of beer we were about to drink.

Bill found this adorable place down the street from our hotel so we got there a little early to beat the Saturday morning crowds. We were seated in the middle of the restaurant, which was the perfect set up for the movie scene I imagined in my head.

Here is how it goes: I eat this magical almond croissant and the entire restaurant looks to me in the center of the room. They watch in excitement as sparks fly around me and my eyes light up because I have just found THE gold medal almond croissant. Then everyone would get up, do a fun dance number to a Bruno Mars song, and then at the end, return to sitting in their chairs as if nothing happened.

Basically, this almond croissant was so good that Bill and I split it at the brunch place, but I couldn’t go on in life without having another bite, so you can guarantee that I bought myself another one for the road to enjoy later that day. And let me tell you, it tasted just as incredible the second time around.

Silver Medal: Luna Coffee – NYC, USA

I was in NYC last fall for a 24 hour trip and I had a couple hours to spare before I went to the airport. I was staying in Chelsea, so I wasn’t close enough to Central Park to make it worth visiting in my short window.

I decided to just explore the streets around me and find a cute café I could decompress in. When I walked in, it was pretty crowded but I found a small table for 1 in the back corner which was perfect for the “hide away and read my book” vibe I was going for.

Little did I know, my world was about to be rocked by this almond croissant, which would quickly take me out of my “hideaway and read vibe” and fling me into a “let’s galivant through the streets of New York singing about how f*cking amazing this almond croissant is.” You can tell it takes a lot to excite me…

While this almond croissant appears to be no different than the rest of the almond croissants on this earth, it in fact, is very special one. It has a perfect ratio of flaky, buttery phyllo dough to almond paste. A.K.A. there is an excessive amount of almond paste on this croissant, therefore deeming it the perfect amount of almond paste.

To my NYC friends: You’re welcome. I just found you a new Sunday morning guilty pleasure.

Bronze Medal: Bakeshop – Prague, Czech Republic

Before I went to Prague last spring, Bakeshop was recommended to me by my travel partner in crime, Heather. She referred to their almond croissant as the best one of her life. You can tell why we are best friends.

In her defense, at the time of her recommendation, she had not tasted the likes of the Luna Coffee Almond Croissant, and she has not been to Munich yet to indulge in my Gold medalist.

I will give it to her though, this almond croissant was POPPIN’. Just look at how perfect those almond pieces are perched on the top, not overwhelmed by powdered sugar.

Even more, the dough of the croissant itself isn’t so puffy that all of the almonds are going to fly off and make a mess (the intricacies of eating an almond croissant are difficult ones!!).

Again, what made this almond croissant so perfect? The almond paste filling was warm and thick and buttery.

Did Bill and I get breakfast at this café twice in 4 days? Why, yes. Yes, we did. It was worth every butter, flaky, almond-filled bite.

Are you as obsessed with almond croissants as I am? What are your favorite travel indulgences? Comment you favorite desserts / breakfast guilty pleasures – I would love to connect!

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