Feet tender from the cobble stones, 
Legs tired from walking miles a day,
Back sore from an overstuffed backpack.

But a heart filled with adventure,
A curiosity to discover new things,
A mind full of beautiful places and interesting faces.

New history and ways of life,
Challenging me, pushing me
To be a better version of myself,
To find the me who is happy and full of joy.
Bringing me back to life,
Slowly, with each step I take.

This is what travel does to me.
It brings me joy - in all forms.
Surrounded by languages I do not understand,
I finally get a chance to hear myself think.
Exploring and navigating new streets,
I finally get to meet myself.

You are not the girl you have been lately.
This anxious, sad person,
Who feels lost in her own life -
Who feels like she is floating above ,
Watching her life pass her by.

I am screaming at her "Get out! This isn't your movie!"
But she can't hear me loud enough.

Instead, it fades into a faint whisper in her ear.
She tries to suppress the though before it manifests
Into something too great to ignore.

She stares down the dark tunnel, afraid to go down it.
What are you so afraid of?
What is stopping you from chasing your dream?
What awaits at the end of that tunnel?

Maybe you don't know what your dream is yet -
Maybe you don't have any goals -
Maybe that is what you're afraid of.

You have lost yourself
In the process of trying to please other people,
Trying to be this "perfect" mold you used to think was so important.

You're not that girl anymore,
And you haven't been for some time now.
Before it's too late,
Step out of their darkness,
And step into your light.

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