hey there, welcome to my blog.

Welcome to the blog filled with my restless curiosity about the world.

I am always restless to experience a new adventure and I crave the challenge of the unfamiliar. I often struggle to figure out what my life purpose is and what the reason is for different things that happen in my life (let me know if you already have it all figured out). I definitely get bored easily and lack patience, but I think that is what keeps life interesting.

So here is my blog to help me figure it all out! Join me on the journey.

I am going to mainly write about three topics that are important to me:  travel adventures, inspiration for work and life improvement, and personal health through diet, fitness and meditation.

I am also reading at least one book per month this year and will recap each of them in my “Book Club” section of the blog. Read along with me, give me new book suggestions it and discover new books to read for yourself!


A little intro to me:

I am a 22 year old Gemini from Ohio. I attended Indiana University and now live in Texas (with zero intention of adopting “y’all” into my vocabulary).

I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and have never known a more pure form of happiness than when I am traveling and exploring new places.

Globe trotting and fitness are my main passions in life, but professionally, I am a sucker for consumer insights and understanding an individual’s “why.” I love to research, read articles, watch TedTalks and attend conferences. I also have a knack for planning them!

BUT enough about me for now…you’ll find out more about be through my posts 🙂

Feel free to comment, share, and provide feedback on my writing and my ideas about the world around me. Here goes nothing!


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